Family Hemp Co is dedicated to creating the highest quality products that enhance the lives of others. In our search for unique offerings, we stumbled upon CBD infused honey. In all honesty, it changed our lives! We immediately began researching recipes, usage, and began a collaboration with a local chef. Although nature is impossible to improve upon, our goal became to prepare the best honey products one can imagine. So pick your flavor and prepare yourself for a taste bud journey beyond what you thought possible.

Raw Honey + CBD $20/jar – Raw, unfiltered honey with 750mg CBD Isolate in each jar. THC FREE

Raw Honey, Cinnamon $10/jar – Raw, unfiltered honey, infused with cinnamon.

Spicy Honey $10/jar – Unfiltered local honey infused with Jalapenos for a flavor explosion. To add some spice to your life, pour it over fried chicken, yogurt, eggs, icecream, pizza, cheese, bread, beverages – heck, anything that you’d like to kick up a notch! 

Bourbon Honey $10/jar – Raw, unfiltered honey infused with Bourbon. As delicious as it sounds, this will be life changing (in the good way). Pour this in your favorite cocktail or over salmon, chicken, breads, icecream, cobbler or pie – heck, anything that you’d like to bless with sweetness and Bourbon! 

Shipping or local pickup available. (Local to us is the Denver Metro area)

303.801.2856 to order